Own Your Own Home

Owning a home is the American Dream…with our help you can make this dream a reality! The process of purchasing a new home can be very intimidating. It is a landmark event in your life and therefore deserves a good deal of preparation. If you aren’t very familiar with the process of obtaining a home mortgage or aren’t aware of specifically what to expect when purchasing a home, that’s what we are here for! 

Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful home purchase.  We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may actually be life-changing. Whether you looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or you’re looking for an investment property CALL US TODAY!

We understand that life gets complicated – medical bills, debt, bad credit, unsteady work history, bankruptcy, lack of extra cash for a down payment. Don’t let that hold you back from achieving the dream of home ownership, we have used an array of programs to help a multitude of people become proud homeowners. As the area’s foremost Real Estate Solutions Company, we believe there is no situation we can’t handle and no problem that we can’t help solve!  Give us a call today and let’s find out how we can work together!

How we can help you 

  • Get you pre-qualified quickly, and at no cost to you!
  • Help “Credit Challenged” buyers get qualified for a home.
  • Our network of mortgage brokers, real estate agents, attorneys, and other real estate professionals will be your resources as well!
  • We can offer a Rent-To-Own program on most of our available rental properties. This enables you to lease the home in the beginning with a small upfront deposit and have a portion of your monthly rent go towards the pre-determined purchase price until you are ready to qualify for outside financing.
  • Owner financing is available on some of our properties! If you’ve been turned down for financing, don’t worry! Our company can help finance the purchase of your home! You get all the benefits and pride of owning a home, without requiring a bank to finance you.
  • We will work hard to make your home buying experience smooth and successful!

Yes! You CAN Own A Home – We Can Help!

We are not Realtors who are selling someone else’s homes, nor are we bankers or loan brokers who get paid to find you a loan. We’re actually the owner of or have an ownership interest in several lovely homes which are available for purchase. Since we own the homes, many times (depending on your circumstances) we are willing to finance all or part of the purchase ourselves. All the normal rules concerning credit, debt ratio, proof of income and yes, even down payments are thrown out the window. Since we own the homes, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs. We also have several great lenders that we can refer you to in the event that we are not able to finance the entire amount on the specific home you desire.

So, here’s what it comes down to. If you’re truly interested in buying a home of your own, we’ll show you several options that can get you in a home of your own. If we have a home you like and you have something we can work with, you can be in a home in less than 30 days. If you have at least good credit but little or no money, OR if you have some money but have lost your credit, we can probably help you buy a home. Please let us look at all the facts before you decide that you can’t qualify to own a home. 

Remember, we own the homes. You can’t imagine how many folks are now in a home of their own because they let us work our magic. Most thought they couldn’t qualify and could never buy a home. They were wrong! Keep reading to see some of our most frequently asked questions. You can also visit our FAQ page for answers to other questions you may have or feel free to contact us.

You Have Damaged Credit. Can You Buy A Home?

Of course! You’ll be glad to learn that you actually CAN buy a home with damaged credit. In fact, it’s quite common. To do so often requires a flexible seller who is willing to help finance part of your purchase price. You see, there are a lot of lenders who specialize in financing homes for folks with credit problems. To reduce their risk, they may simply reduce the amount they loan. This means the buyer must have a big down payment or the seller must be willing to finance the difference on a second mortgage. Getting you a loan is generally not a problem, however finding a flexible seller who doesn’t need all their cash immediately, may be more difficult.

Is Your Debt Ratio Too High? Just How Much Home Can You Afford?

You may be surprised to learn how much of a home you can afford. Generally accepted standards say that your new house payment added to all your other monthly payments, should not exceed about 40% of your gross (that’s before income tax) for you and your spouse. Keep in mind, that does not include items like insurance, clothing, food, utilities, entertainment, etc. You should add only those items with fixed payments such as cars, furniture, credit cards, mortgage, student loans, etc.. If an item doesn’t show on your credit report, it probably won’t count against you as a debt.

If You Can’t Easily Verify Your Income, What Options Are Available?

If you feel you can’t buy a home, because you can’t verify your income, think again. Some of our happy customers felt the same way before contacting us, but they found themselves in the home of their dreams within 30 days. There are several little known ways to verify income and there are loans available that don’t require it. In fact income verification is one of the easiest problems to fix in the home buying process.

If You Have Nothing To Put Down, Can You Really Get Financed?

It may surprise you to know we’ve helped many other people just like you buy a home of their dreams with little or no money down. If your credit is reasonably good, and you have provable income, there are several programs available for you now. These programs are brand new and not widely known and are designed to help good people buy a home with little or no money down.

What About Our Rent To Own Program?

Are you tired of making monthly rental payments? Think of all the money you’ve wasted in rent over the last few years. What do you have to show for it? Homeownership may seem to many to be an impossible dream. Saving enough money for a down payment while paying rent or trying to secure a mortgage with a low paying job or bad credit history, are only a few of the obstacles that make buying a home seem so difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if some of these monthly payments could have gone toward the actual purchase price of your home? 

Now they can! With our unique “Rent to Own” program you can realize your dreams. The “Rent to Own” program allows you to lease and occupy a home – while at the same time building equity towards the sale price that we set the day you sign the “Rent to Own” agreement. Through this program… while you’re living in your home of the future, you’re also building equity, improving your credit, and putting yourself in a position where home ownership is not only possible, but easy. 

This unique program truly makes homeownership a possibility for anyone with something to work with. This program is not available on all of our homes. Contact us for details.

Do You Have a Downpayment, But Want To Get Owner Financing?

If you’re looking to buy a home and feel that owner financing is your best option, you’ve come to the right place. We have several homes available and since we have an ownership interest in them, we are free to work out special financing arrangements to suit your needs. We can provide owner financing for all or part of the purchase price, regardless of your credit, debt ratio, income verification, and other factors that prevent deserving people from getting bank financing. However, this may require a larger down payment to make it possible. 

Simply put, the more you have to work with, the easier it will be to get you in the home quickly. If you have a good down payment, the best thing to do is contact us now or call us to discuss your needs. Even if we don’t have a home available right now that you like, we’ll check with our other sources we have to find you the perfect home. 

Remember, regardless of whatever kept you from buying a home in the past, don’t let it stop you now! You’re talking to the owner direct, not a Realtor. We’re free work it out between ourselves. 

View Our Current Properties!

To get started now… Take a look at Our Available Properties, please note: due to the overwhelming demand for homes through our Home Buyers Program, some of our properties move very fast, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us TODAY or fill out our Home Ownership Application. We will either find you a home that meets your needs through our investor network or refer you to an experienced Realtor in our office. We’d also be happy to let you know when our new properties become available, this service is completely FREE, totally confidential, and there is no obligation!