Business Coaching & Mentorship Programs


New for 2015, I am offering an affordable ONE-YEAR coaching program which will give you every tool necessary
to take your investment business to the next level–heck probably up about fourteen or fifteen levels!

The market today is different than it was last year or even three months ago!  To make money right now investing in real estate you must align yourself with a pro* who knows the lay of the land and is down in the trenches all day, every day.

*YES, I am that pro :). Really I am…
In this Education & Action Program, I will share ALL of my vast business experience, expert knowledge and valuable resources with you. You will learn exactly what it takes to make money RIGHT NOW, and every month, every year, for the rest of your career.
What’s in the program? 

  • First off, it’s more economically feasible than ever. Read below for information on the payment plan.
  • Comprehensive calls, emails, and lessons for new strategies (and old ones that work!) to find and close deals: remodel flips,  wholesale, rentals, new construction, deal analysis and structuring, getting private money, mindset, business organization, and more. Basically, whatever you need. This is not a cookie-cutter program. This is me and you working together to determine the best course of action for YOU!
  • Email access to ME directly, 24/7, with 12-hour maximum response time from me.
  • Text access to ME directly, 24/7 (my personal cell of course)
  • You get the first look at projects that I find, for potential partnering.
  • You get the first look at all wholesale deals before they’re sent out to my general list
  • Whatever it takes to get it done!
  • All of my marketing materials and strategies
  • My book, ‘Structuring Deals With Private Money Lenders’, and a 90-minute phone, SKYPE,  or in-person sessions designed specificaly to work on finding money for your deals. (You WILL get money, I promise. Of course, you can also use my private money if needed, as long as the deal makes sense).
  • Use of my proof-of-funds statement (if you need it), so you can make all-cash offers immediately.
  • Access to all of my expert team members, including escrow and title professionals, agents, lenders, and bird-dogs
  • You’ll learn to structure ‘All Cash’ deals as well as deals with seller-financing, lease-options, subject-to’s and wholesale deals. You’ll learn everything you need to know to advance your investment strategies and maximize your returns
  • You’ll get access to my extensive Buyers List so you can hit the ground running with wholesale properties once you have them under contract

This is your chance to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. Let me show you how. I do it all the time. Here’s some proof:
What my clients say about me (they say much more, but we only have this one page, and frankly, I blush easily):
“Dave-I’ll write a testimonial for you any time! Working with you has completely changed my mind-set and my business. I have three remodels going now, and of course one of those was a deal you found me yourself, and then you turned me on to your private lender. Thank you thank you thank you!” -William B.
“All I can say is Wow! Dave is such a straight-forward and knowledgeable person. We’ve done two wholesale deals together and I just want to say thank you.” -Marcy G.
“Dave teaches honest, simple, effective investing methods without a lot of hype. It’s stuff you can use now, and he’s there with you every step of the way.” -Lisa P.

“Thanks, Dave! Once again you have shown me how to make a lot of money. We just wholesaled one together and I loved cashing my part of the profits, which was $7,200–Not bad!” -Kenny M.

“Dave does a great job of sharing his business model. I am growing my own business now as a result of using the tools he has helped me implement!” -Shari P.

OK–So what does it cost? Here’s the good part. The total cost is almost 35% off my normal program fee, but this is TWICE the program! If you jump on this now, you’ll get everything described above for a full year, at a huge discount. All I ask for is a small one-time fee of $2,000, plus a nominal monthly fee of $199. That’s it! For a full year, you and I will be locked at the hips. (as long as your hips aren’t too bony. That could hurt, so in that case maybe we’ll lock at the shoulders or ankles).

Anyway, the main point is that we work together and you GET BETTER. And I promise you will.

Still reading? Good. Now call my office or email me and let’s get started.

Talk to you soon,