Dave’s E-Book

How to Structure Real Estate Deals Using Private Money Lenders

Is a step-by-step guidebook which will teach you the Real Life way to find private money lenders who will gladly give you the money you need for your deals.

I will show you how to use private money lenders to buy, fix, and sell houses. You will see that developing a business model involving “other people’s money” will allow you to negotiate with confidence, and close your deals as quickly as the seller wants. The flexibility you will have with your private lenders also gives you an edge that will help your investment business skyrocket.  And to top it all off, your lending partners will love you forever! They will be hard-pressed to find an investment to match yours. Why? Many reasons—and they are ALL in the book.

With this book, you will:

  • Understand the main differences between private money, hard money, and traditional mortgages
  • Discover my techniques for how to raise the money
  • Be able to write a professional-looking Executive Summary for your potential lenders
  • Learn what paperwork to use  to purchase a property with private money
  • Learn how to structure your deals with one or more  private lenders
  • Put together win-win deals that your lenders will love (and so will you)
  • Incorporate this material into your own business so that it becomes ‘what you do’

After your purchase is confirmed your copy of How to Structure Real Estate Deals Using Private Money Lenders will be emailed to you directly.