Creative Solutions for Selling and Buying a Home...
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We're private investors who buy and sell homes in Southern California using creative solutions designed for each buyer's, seller's, and Investor's unique situation.

For Sellers, we can offer to pay full price and can close quickly with all cash or terms without realtors' commissions (although we'll gladly work with any realtor that is involved and will ensure that the commission is paid)! In many cases we can even help you avoid foreclosure and improve your credit by catching up on back payments and penalties.  Sell your property

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For Buyers,
there's no bank qualifying! If you can afford a reasonable payment up-front, the monthly payment and closing costs, you're in!   Buy a home

No Bank Qualifying - get our free special report on how to get into a new home without qualifying for a bank loan, Check the box to the right to receive this report immediately.

For Investors, we offer participation in purchasing wholesale properties, flipping properties, short and long term investments all with good returns. Invest with us


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